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Why choose
Daytona Beach Photography

Daytona Beach Photography is here to help you stand out, and make your property shine. A high-quality photoshoot is a property’s most valuable marketing asset. Vacation rental travelers are extremely visual, with most people making their decision based on photos. Here’s the brutal truth — you don’t have the only beautiful property in your market. And exceptional photography is your best option for differentiating your property, and it’s your least expensive option for building more value than your competitors. We’ve reached a point in the vacation rental industry where snapshots, and low grade real estate photographs aren’t good enough anymore. 

A great quality shoot will drastically help booking conversion rates — obviously — creating a HUGE boost in revenue potential. And it can also help increase the average daily rate (ADR) without affecting the booking conversion rate — another big bump in revenue potential.

Modern Living Room

Earn More

On average, property owners with professional photos increase their earnings by 40%, have a 24% jump in bookings, and are able to raise their nightly rate by 26%


Beat Your Competition

Travelers are 83% more likely to inquire about a booking on listings with 20+ photos, so having a full and well-rounded set of photos is essential.


Improve Your Search Position

Vrbo,, Airbnb and all the rental platforms prefer to have professional photographs for vacation rentals on their sites.

Difference between

real estate & vacation rental photography

With real estate photography, the goal is typically to make the space look large and to draw people in to an open house. You just need to find that ONE buyer who is the perfect fit. The homes are often unfurnished, so the photos are more about the amount of space available and any upgrades that have been done to appliances or finishes. In other words, you’re showing the actual house, rather than telling a story of what happens in it.

With vacation rental photography, though, you’re selling the lifestyle that this home offers to its renters. The folks who book it will be looking for an escape of some kind, so painting a picture of what sort of fantasy life they can expect will draw people in. This means that furnishings and styling play a crucial role! You’re no longer need the ultra wide shots to open up the living room, you’ll need tighter shots to show the feel of the space and the quality of the furnishings. You’ll need to show details, rather than empty closet space and dirty garages.

White Kitchen

Let’s Work Together

All packages include high-resolution images sent through an online gallery for you to download within 7 days after final payment is received.

SMALL PACKAGE - 30 digital images

0 to 1999 sq ft - $750

MEDIUM PACKAGE - 45 digital images

2000 to 3999 sq ft - $1100

LARGE PACKAGE - 60 digital images

4000 to 5000+ sq ft - $1500


Social media post - $50/each

Twilight photos - $150

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